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Talking (and Dancing) Merce Cunningham

Suzanne Dellal Centre in collaboration with the Israeli Society for Dance Research and the Cunningham Foundation

Talking (and Dancing) Merce Cunningham
A Conference Celebrating 100 Years of Merce Cunningham

Initiated by Dr. Yael (Yali) Nativ

Suzanne Dellal Centre
April 7, 2020


The Suzanne Dellal Centre in collaboration with the Israeli Society for Dance Research is pleased to take part in the 100th Anniversary of the groundbreaking dance artist Merce Cunningham, with the support of the Merce Cunningham Foundation, New York. The celebrations, 100 Years of Merce – The Cunningham Centennial, took place around the world to commemorate his work and legacy at the initiative of the Cunningham Foundation. The day-long conference at the Suzanne Dellal Centre is the only event in Israel that is part of the Centennial and will be devoted to looking at Cunningham’s legacy and the relevance of his thought and work to dancers, dance education and contemporary art today.

The events will focus on the central questions: How is Merce Cunningham’s technique relevant to dancers today? How do his choreographic ideas inspire contemporary dance creators? How has the body of thought and teaching created by Cunningham resonate among today’s teachers and creators? What discourse does Cunningham’s legacy capture in the pedagogy of dance history?

Conference Program (PDF)


The Israeli Society for Dance Research is a nonprofit organization designed to offer a forum for a discourse on dance and an exchange of ideas and opinions among members of the dance community from different fields (research, creation, teaching).  The society aims to encourage and promote the study of dance in Israel and the relationship and cooperation between research, practice and creation.