The Israeli Society for Dance Research is a nonprofit organization operating in Israel since February 2012 to enhance and develop dance research. We support a rigorous professional, academic and interdisciplinary discourse on the subject of dance in Israel and the world; we encourage collaboration and dialogue inside and outside of the dance community through a large range of activities such as group discussions, workshops, lectures, publications, and conferences.

The Society’s Goals:

  • To support and develop dance research in Israel
  • To enhance dance studies in Israel through scholarly work
  • To foster relations between theory and practice
  • To collaborate with academic institutions in dance research
  • To enhance publications, conferences, and lectures on dance research
  • To support international publication of dance research from Israel

The Society’s Activities:

  • Research groups (History and Poetic of Dance & Body and Dance Ethnographies)
  • Organization of conferences/lectures/seminars
  • Maintaining a website and Facebook page

Association Committee:

Dr. Henia Rottenberg, Dr. Liora Malka Yellin, Dr. Sari Elron, Dr. Yael (Yali) Nativ